Offre de post-doc de 12 à 16 mois

Publié le 27 juin 2016
Par Cecile Marechal

Effects of ultrasound on an ultrafiltration membrane: fouling and / or ageing (continuous hybrid process for water treatment: heterogeneous sono-Fenton oxidation)

Post-doc position for 12 to 16 months, beginning November 1, 2016

The post-doc is funded under the ANR project, entitled "Hybrid process for continuous wastewater treatment: heterogeneous sono-photo-Fenton reaction coupled with membrane filtration" (SOFENcoMEM, 2015-2018). The overall objective of the project is to study a continuous hybrid process for wastewater treatment, coupling heterogeneous Fenton reaction with activation techniques (ultrasound and/or ultraviolet) and membrane filtration (immersed module).

This post-doc is the continuation of Sandyanto Adityosulindro’s PhD work (defence planned end of 2016), in which the heterogeneous sono-Fenton process has been studied and optimized. More specifically, it aims at developing the continuous operation with a filtration membrane to retain the catalyst.

Keywords: Chemical Engineering/Process Engineering (especially Reactor engineering and Transfers), Ultrasound, Membrane filtration, Fenton reaction, Water treatment.

Laurie BARTHE : associate professor ENSIACET

Christel CAUSSERAND : professor UPS

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