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ROZA is a semantic web application for data from sedimentary archives.

Based on the need for an identified community (geologists working on sediments, continental or coastal), the objective is to develop an integrative chain (called vertical) of data from the field to the Web, with a demonstration of the interest in times by cross analysis on the Semantic Web and data visualization. The approach is based on the use of controlled vocabularies.

The researchers involved in the project are: Pierre Stephan (LETG, ZABRI), Maxime Debret (M2C, ZA Seine Aval), Fabien Arnaud (Edytem, ZAA), Kevin Jack (Edytem, ZAA), Olivier Evrard (LSCE, ZA PIREN) , Brice Mourrier (ENTP Lyon ZABR), Mathias Rouan (LETG, ZABRI), Christine Plumejeaud (Inter ZA, Lienss, ZA Plaine & Val de Sèvre).

Contact : Cécile Pignol