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SOLUTIONS Policy Briefs

Publié le 2 Oct 2019
Par Marie-Noelle Pons

The SOLUTIONS Policy Briefs have been published (open access) in the journal Environmental Sciences Europe. This series of articles is a very useful compendium of the outcomes of the project translated in the form recommendations for decision-makers and practitioners. They are accessible under the links below:

Let us empower the WFD to prevent risks of chemical pollution in European rivers and lakes


Solutions for present and future emerging pollutants in land and water resources management. Policy briefs summarizing scientific project results for decision makers


A holistic approach is key to protect water quality and monitor, assess and manage chemical pollution of European surface waters


Effect-based methods are key. The European Collaborative Project SOLUTIONS recommends integrating effect-based methods for diagnosis and monitoring of water quality


High-resolution mass spectrometry to complement monitoring and track emerging chemicals and pollution trends in European water resources


Establish data infrastructure to compile and exchange environmental screening data on a European scale


Improved component-based methods for mixture risk assessment are key to characterize complex chemical pollution in surface waters


The European Collaborative Project SOLUTIONS developed models to provide diagnostic and prognostic capacity and fill data gaps for chemicals of emerging concern


Mixtures of chemicals are important drivers of impacts on ecological status in European surface waters


Prioritisation of water pollutants: the EU Project SOLUTIONS proposes a methodological framework for the integration of mixture risk assessments into prioritisation procedures under the European Water Framework Directive


Mixture risks threaten water quality: the European Collaborative Project SOLUTIONS recommends changes to the WFD and better coordination across all pieces of European chemicals legislation to improve protection from exposure of the aquatic environment to multiple pollutants


Exploring the ‘solution space’ is key: SOLUTIONS recommends an early-stage assessment of options to protect and restore water quality against chemical pollution


The RiBaTox web tool: selecting methods to assess and manage the diverse problem of chemical pollution in surface waters


Increase coherence, cooperation and cross-compliance of regulations on chemicals and water quality


Strengthen the European collaborative environmental research to meet European policy goals for achieving a sustainable, non-toxic environment