Call for data contributions: ILTER Nitrogen Initative: Global Study on stream nitrate concentrations

Publié le 31 jan 2017
Par Cecile Marechal

Call for data contributions : "ILTER Nitrogen Initative - Global Study on stream nitrate concentrations"

Dear ILTER researcher,

We are part of an international team of scientists working on a study to examine stream nitrate concentrations and their relationships with atmospheric nitrogen deposition, climate, and land-use disturbances at LTER sites around the globe. This project is being conducted as a part of the ILTER Nitrogen Initiative and our paper will be submitted as part of a special issue in Science of the Total Environment in July 2017. The abstract is included below.

We invite you to contribute data to our analysis with the potential opportunity for authorship. We are particularly interested in the following data:

  • Stream ammonium and nitrate concentrations over many years
  • Mean annual precipitation and temperature
  • Previous and current land-use of surrounding watersheds

Please contact Rahat Sharif and Dr. Pamela Templer by February 6, 2017 if you are interested in joining this effort or can give us contact information from someone at your LTER site who manages these types of data. We will send a data template to complete once we hear back from researchers. Please do not send data now.
We hope you can join us!

All the best,
Rahat Sharif and Dr. Pamela Templer