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2019 IUFRO Konferenz in Brazil

Publié le 7 déc 2018
Par Marie-Noelle Pons

Message du réseau ILTER: lors de la conférence IUFRO, une session (B4g) sera dédiée à : Long-Term Forest Monitoring Networks for Evaluating Responses to Environmental Change.

This session aims to attract scientists, managers and stakeholders who are keen to understand large-scale, long-term effects of rapidly changing environmental drivers on forest ecosystems, to advance forest monitoring systems from local to global scale. The session offers the opportunity to present latest research findings, address methodological issues, and outline solutions based on the comprehensive data series from long-term forest monitoring networks world-wide, such as ICP Forests, EANET, ICOS, ILTER, ENFIN, TERN and others. A further objective is to provide a platform for networking and cooperation to support future synthesis studies across monitoring networks. Presentations on new advances based on airborne or satellite data are particularly welcome.

Congress information, registration and abstract submission is available here:
Abstracts will be accepted until 31 December 2018, but authors are encouraged to submit abstracts as early as practicable