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The RZA has a portal and a geocatalogue (Geonetwork 3.4.2) developed with the UMS 3468 BBEES (CNRS, MNHN) and hosted by the IN2P3 computer center in Lyon.

To access to the RZA catalog, click here.

This catalog harvests the ZAs catalogs, if they exist (see table below), and is harvested by the main national and international catalogs of interest: DEIMS, INRAe, ...

The thesaurus used and recommended is currently EnvThes.

Another interesting thesaurus intéressant for water quality (uses in particular the SANDRE thesaurus): OZCAR-THEIA.

Table with ZAs and corresponding geonetworks

Zone Atelier Geonetwork
ZA Alpes Link
ZA Antarctique et Subantarctique -
ZA Arc Jurassien Link
ZA Armorique Link
ZA Bassin du Rhône Link
ZA Brest Iroise Link
ZA Environmentale Urbaine Link
ZA Hwange -
ZA Loire Link
ZA Moselle Link
ZA Plaine et Val de Sèvre -
ZA Pygar Link
ZA Seine -
ZA Territoires Uranifères -

Production of metadata

The BED collective offers a production of simplified metadata sheet with the Geoflow and Geometa tool under R.

The Geometa package generates Inspire-compliant ISO19139 XML metadata from various sources(CSV, GSheets, BDD).

The Geoflow package allows an orchestration of Geometa and complementary libraries (geonapi, geosapi, ows4r, zen4r, ldap4r…) to generate and publish both metadata and their associated data via standardized streams (CSW, WMS, WFS).