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Human and Social Sciences & RZA

In order to publicize the Network of Workshop Zones to Human and Social Sciences (HSS) researchers, seminars are being set up.

In concrete terms, this consists of a series of conferences conducted by HSS researchers around different themes, but with the common point of introducing the network of workshop zones and thus presenting the interest of the long-term study of socio-ecological systems in the privileged spaces that are the ZAs. These conferences will be open to all current members of ZA and other potentially interested researchers, but the idea is first to communicate with researchers in HSS. Under these conditions, the interventions directly in the Houses of the Human Sciences (MSH), in the HSS labs or departments are privileged.

The speaker can be a member of the welcoming ZA or an outsider who is familiar with the ZA network.

The goal that all ZAs organize at least one seminar over the next 18 months, the calendar being currently defined. The aim is also to offer these seminars in webconferences. The ZAAJ hasl organized the first of these seminars on May 29 in Besançon in partnership with the MSHE (E = environment) of Besançon. The first speaker was Emeline COMBY, Associate Professor of Geography in Besançon, who has worked extensively with ZABR, on the theme: "Analyzing Spatio-Temporal Trajectories Within a Workshop Area". Another conference will be organized in Dijon in 2019 with Jon CHURCH on a theme linking the RZA to political science. The desired rhythm is one lecture per month. It would be nice if there was about one conference a month starting in September 2018.