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QRcode : Sample traceability and associated data

The project aims to ensure the traceability of data from the field, through an embedded system of digital tagging of samples, and the documentation of associated measurement protocols. The aim here is to promote a follow-up of samples and associated data over time and their reuse through the implementation of a sustainable labeling (resistant in time and storage conditions) bearing a numerical identifier in the form of a QRcode, associated with an information system for tracking and managing sample collections. This device must be the most reusable, regardless of the protocol observed or the type of taxon collected. Compared to other sample management devices, this device has the following characteristics:

- management of samples collection in a mobile situation;

 - management of the data associated with the samples: specification of the upstream forms, and historicization of the completed forms downstream.

The software solution is based on an open-source development around COLLEC-SCIENCE with a website to present its use and a user-friendly manual